While Internet usage behavior is increasing, so are the methods in which you can connect. With newer technology, people are now accessing the internet via wireless devices such as cellular phones, PDA’s and even wireless enabled laptops. As a client, why not use this technology to your advantage? We now have the capability to survey customers via mobile devices during or shortly after the buying/shopping process, as well as any other time you want to reach them.

Our Insights Unpluggedsm tool allows us to interview customers via wireless devices and turn around client accessible data in real time via a web based reporting tool.

Marketing Benefits:

  • Find out how customers perceive your stores, your sales representatives, or even your products. Insights Unplugged enables us to ask customers during or immediately after the actual shopping/buying process. Advanced technologies allow us to gather “point in time feedback” from consumers at places such as restaurants, retail shops, theme parks, concerts, professional sporting events, movie theaters, and more. With immediate feedback, you can greatly increase consumers’ recollection of their experience
  • For wireless service providers and device manufacturers, gain valuable insight relative to consumer satisfaction and loyalty surrounding your technology and/or services by leveraging the technology you provide


  • Ideal for brief surveys of no more than 20 questions, for quick pulse checks, satisfaction measures, or attitudes measurement
  • Surveys are programmed using WAP 1.1 (based on XML, supported by vast majority of Web-enabled cell phones) and WAP 2.0 (technology which is scalable across transport option, scalable across device options, and is extensible overtime to new networks). In addition, there is language support for web enabled PDAs and cell phones
  • Clients can view results in real-time using our web based reporting tool
  • Skip patterns and logic can be fully used and integrated just like any other study designed for online, CAPI, or CATI execution
  • Surveys can be “pushed” to consumers if they are empanelled or have provided you with their address, or they can be “pulled” to your survey through in-store receipts with the instructions and web address, billboard announcements at live events, through notes or inserts included in service bills, and many other ways

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