Now you can better understand consumers' reactions to new products, packaging, labels, or other product features with simShopper. This innovative research tool simulates an in-store shopping experience by exposing the respondent to a virtual supermarket. The information collected can help you understand how consumers view your product alongside your competition, consumer preference for different packaging designs or sizing options for your own product, whether your product differentiates itself from the competition, as well as understanding what effect price has on consumer behavior in a store.

Marketing Benefits

  • Measure interest to concept, brand preference, packaging, size, and price sensitivity in a simulated online shopping experience
  • Learn more about the actual shopping experience from what products are picked-up and examined, to the order in which they are placed in the shopping basket
  • Eliminate interviewer biases and allow respondents to simulate purchase behaviors using virtual money
  • Obtain feedback efficiently and cost-effectively


  • Field studies online with your specific target, using large sample sizes for greater reliability in comparison to alternative offline shelf testing
  • The flash-based simulation is easily viewed online by respondents without requiring the need for plug-ins or downloads

View simSHOPPERsm in action

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