Directive Analytics has vast qualitative experience, covering a variety of study types, including:

  • Idea Exploration
  • Product Usage Test
  • Promotion and Package Test
  • Advertising Refinement
  • Package Design Evaluation
  • Taste Test
  • Perceptions and Knowledge Study
  • Category Exploration
  • Communications Check

Offline Methods:

  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Friendship Pairs/Dyads/Triads
  • Mini-Groups/Full Groups
  • Man in the Street Interviews
  • Ethnographies
  • Shop-Alongs
  • Brainstorming

Online Methods:

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  • directiveIDIs
  • directiveCHAT (Online Bulletin Boards)
  • directiveFOCUS (Online Focus Groups)
  • Brainstorming

Innovative Online Methods

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