Online qualitative research provides a cost-effective alternative to in-person focus groups and one-on-one interviews that can span the entire U.S. or be used in select geographies. We have developed a custom online qualitative toolkit for our clients to use either with or without the services of a full-time moderator.

Marketing Benefits:

  • Turnaround time for an online study is quicker than that of a traditional offline research study
  • Additionally, a larger and more geographically disperse audience can be reached in less time for a lower cost
  • Peer/group pressure becomes eliminated when focus groups are conducted online. Respondents can react how they actually feel without worrying about how they are looked at within the group
  • With work and personal schedules filling up quickly, not everyone has time to participate in a research study at a particular time. With some of the tools in our online qualitative tool box, participants are able to log on and provide feedback at their convenience. This is of particular interest for business decision-makers and physician and healthcare groups with hectic schedules
  • Online qualitative techniques allow our clients to stay and observe the research from the comforts of their offices. This allows them to stay on top of what they have to do, while reducing travel budgets
  • Creative techniques like Blogs and Madlibs provide teens with fun and innovative ways to provide powerful brand and product insights

Our online qualitative tool kit includes innovative techniques like: