Now you can better tailor your videos from TV commercials to sales-promotion short films. Our tool enables you to measure second by second real time performance, so edits and sequencing can be improved to aid the effectiveness of your video content.

Marketing Benefits

  • Optimize the content elements of videos by using a second by second evaluation of your advertising or video trailers
  • Identify content/scenes based on the level of engagement or alienation among viewers, thus permitting the ability to edit those scenes
  • Gain further insight and understanding of why specific scenes are liked or disliked among viewers, with the ability to ask follow up questions


  • Video is streamed to the respondent without the need for a plug-in or a media player
  • Respondents rate the likeability of the video clips in real-time using a manual slider which records data continuously second by second
  • Consumer ratings are aggregated and traced over the visual execution creating tracelines
  • Data is cached individually, permitting follow up questions about the highest or lowest scoring scenes

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