Now you can better understand the market and customer base in which your company belongs by utilizing our proprietary methodology which yields clearly described, actionable segments that have been proven to withstand the test of time. The directiveSEGMENTSsm methodology uses cutting edge quantitative techniques to identify homogeneous groups of customers who can be marketed to in similar ways based on their category needs and demands, personalities, and demographics. directiveSEGMENTSsm uses expert predictive modeling and validation to ensure segments are consistent and reliable over time.

Marketing Benefits

  • Identify key segments of your customer base and make cost-effective marketing decisions
  • Understand what are the hot-buttons of distinct types of customers who are either buying or not buying your brand-product
  • Develop micro-marketing campaigns to appeal to niche groups
  • Innovate new product or service ideas to appeal to under-served buyers, prospects, and to satisfy consumer needs
  • Categorize consumer segments based on brand affinity, observed behaviors, product usage, demographics, and psychographics


  • Proprietary quantitative segmentation methodology
  • Segments are defined based on attitudes and category drivers
  • Predictive modeling and validation ensures that segments are consistent
    over time

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