Online qualitative research provides a cost-effective alternative to in-person focus groups and one-on-one interviews that can span the entire U.S. or be used in select geographies. We have developed a custom online qualitative toolkit for our clients to use either with or without the services of a full-time moderator. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger version of the image.

Marketing Benefits

  • Conduct online brainstorming and ideation sessions with desired constituencies
  • You will obtain well-formed responses to your most pressing questions, such as what creative approach to go with or how your website is performing
  • Skilled moderators encourage interaction among respondents and elicit rich responses


  • Online focus groups allow respondents to participate directly with one another, at a specified time, under the guidance of a Directive Analytics Moderator
  • Online bulletin boards enable respondents to log in at their convenience. Questions are posted by a Directive Analytics Moderator, as needed over time, and can extend over a flexible time frame