A major Technology Company, in association with their Top 10 Advertising Agency, wanted to develop a global communications strategy for Europe, Asia, and the U.S. that would serve as a unifying single platform of universal appeal. They also wanted to determine the appropriate strategy needed to reach both c-level executives & technical decision makers across a broad range of vertical industries, and within four different company size segments.


A quantitative online research design, consisting of: a sample plan-selection targeting more than 2000 target respondents; questionnaire development; simultaneous native language translation; field, analysis, and reporting was developed by Directive Analytics. As an independent research provider, we were able to provide multiple sources of highly targeted sample.


By identifying commonalities and overlap of needs across constituent segments, the research was able to isolate common challenges. There was a further exploration of how different communications based solution sets were able to meet these challenges, resulting in a recommended global communications strategy.