A quick service restaurant chain was seeking to understand the different types of category consumers available. Their goal was to be able to prioritize them in order to develop a new competitive market positioning and to help facilitate communication strategy development.


An online quantitative survey directed to more than 1,500 18+ QSR customers was designed, fielded, and analyzed by Directive Analytics. Measures of related behaviors, needs, category-brand perceptions, QSR and personal attributes were collected. Data was first analyzed based on QSR related attitudes and the resulting segments’ predictive powers were tested across several key variables.


A total of six effective segments were identified and a threshold test of marketing effectiveness measures was employed. Two opportunity segments were then designated as primary targets for future marketing efforts, with positioning alternatives and corresponding communication options made available for client review and approval. Further gaps in delivery and consumer needs were identified for the key category usage segments. This suggested future needs to expand menu options to better serve these groups as a new initiative to drive brand growth.